Monroe Meets His Puppet

Reporter in Residence
Monroe Mouse

Is there no place where a mouse can a take nap? I remember that even with 12 children in the house there was never this much activity.

Well, if I can’t rest, I might as well investigate what is going on with the Education Committee. I found them in the front room and I took up a secure position on the fireplace mantel where I could overhear the discussion, but not be seen.

Now how ridiculous can these people be “oooing” and “awhing” over a fuzzy piece of brown cloth. What do they mean “Monroe this, Monroe that, how cute, how cuddly!” I’m Monroe. What is this—an impersonator and not even a real mouse?

Well, not one to jump to conclusions, I decided to listen to the conversation. Well, I sort of liked what I heard. The item that was delighting everyone was a hand puppet that would represent me when children visited that Mansion and even go on the road at times. I guess I should be pleased. I do know the Mansion and I certainly like children.

When I heard that they are taking Monroe to a book shop called Borders, I thought I would just go along. I remember one of my distant relatives spent an interesting time in Ben Franklin’s print shop in Philadelphia. It would be nice to find out what a 21st century book store is like.

Their conversation moved on to decorating the Dreibe Freight Station Art Gallery for an Open House during the holiday season. I certainly hope they have a “Monroe Mouse” tree. There was talk of a quilt and toy display. Maybe it is time for me to unpack my holiday decorations. I hope I can find them in the attic.

The best news yet was that school children are going to visit the Mansion. Several classes of third graders from Stroudsburg Intermediate School will spend the morning here at the Mansion.

Well, I’d better brush up on my early history. I am sure they will have a lot of questions. This is much more exciting than any afternoon nap!