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Contemporary Collection Campaign


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We are living through the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, an extraordinary time in the history of Monroe County and a time that will certainly be of significant interest to researchers, scholars, historians, and citizens of the future.

The Monroe County Historical Association invites you to become a citizen historian by contributing your stories to our contemporary collection campaign, Collecting in the Time of COVID-19.

Through your help in documenting personal and professional experiences surrounding this pandemic, we can create and preserve valuable primary sources for researchers and ensure that future generations can better understand the struggles and triumphs we are experiencing in this moment.

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Students take part
Watch the Pocono Mountains Visitor Bureau video about the East Stroudsburg Area School District’s participation in the MCHA’s COVID-19 Collection.

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Who should participate?

Everyone! Each of us has a unique perspective on the events surrounding this public health crisis, as it impacts so many different aspects of our lives. Every person’s story is valuable, and we want to preserve those stories. We hope to hear from people of all ages, experiences, backgrounds, and professions so that the collection sufficiently represents the diversity of voices within our community.

What should I contribute?

Please provide contributions in any form that best represents your story. Feel free to be creative! We are looking for both physical objects and digital content. A few examples follow, but this list is by no means exhaustive.

Physical objects
  • Journals, letters, and photographs
  • Children’s artwork and handwritten stories
  • Unused handmade masks and other protective equipment
  • Printed store signage, flyers, and policy updates
  • Modified restaurant menus
  • Objects created by local businesses for public distribution (such as the hand sanitizer bottles being produced by Barley Creek Brewing Company and Silverback Distillery)

Digital content
  • Personal narratives, journal entries, messages, or interviews
  • Creative writing, such as poems, short stories, or songs
  • Photographs
  • Web pages and social media posts
  • Government and public health directives
  • Videos and audio files
  • Lesson plans or schedules for students learning at home

How do I tell my story?

Here are a few prompts to help you get started, but please feel free to reflect on any aspect of your experience that you would like to communicate.
  • For essential workers – How has your work environment changed since the coronavirus outbreak? What are the most pressing challenges you now face? What protections have been put in place for your health and safety?
  • For other employees – If you were able to transition to working from home, what are your experiences of doing so? If not, are you at home with pay, without pay, or have you been laid off? How have responses from community organizations and government agencies helped you (or not)?
  • For educators and students – What is your experience with transitioning to online education, and how does it compare to the physical classroom? What challenges are you facing? What new educational opportunities, electronic platforms, and methods of communication have you discovered?
  • For business owners – How has your business been affected by the stay-at-home orders? How has your staff been affected? What new ways have you found to reach and serve customers? Has government assistance been adequate for your needs?
  • For children – How do you feel about staying home every day? How are you communicating with friends and family members outside your household? What do you miss being able to do? Have you discovered any fun new activities?
  • For everyone – How are you maintaining connections with friends, family, and neighbors? What are your experiences with securing food and other household essentials? What steps are you taking to support good health and safety? What are you doing at home to keep yourself and your family entertained? What are your fears, concerns, and struggles at the moment? What are some of the positive signs of unity and encouragement you see within the community?
How can I submit materials?

Physical objects — Please contact our curator to let us know of any physical objects you wish to donate. Once we reopen, we will make arrangements for acceptance of these items.

Digital content — Click here to submit digital content. Multiple submissions are acceptable and encouraged. Please review the terms on the form before submitting content.
NOTE: If you have any questions about submitting digital content, please contact our research librarian.
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