Monroe Begins His Musings

Reporter in Residence
Monroe Mouse

Much to my consternation, my afternoon nap in the garden of the Stroud Mansion was interrupted on May 17. A parade of little girls each carrying a plant marched into the garden. “What on earth were they up to?”

Always one to adhere to the adage think before you speak, I held to my location under the garden bench and surveyed the situation. Who appears on the scene but Evelyn Smith, MCHA volunteer! She introduced herself and welcomed the Girl Scouts to the garden.

Girls Scouts from Troop 306 pose with the flowers that were planted in the gardens of the Stroud Mansion.

Well, now I know what this group calls themselves. Aided by Sue Kovarick, she showed the girls the site she had located for the plants. The girls spent the next hour digging, planting and mulching with advice from our two expert garden volunteers. I am certainly glad I did not speak out and perhaps send the girls away. Now as I stretch out in the afternoon sun I see an array of multi-colored plants filling in the new flower bed.

Of course I had to consult with our Executive Director, Amy Leiser and get all the details of the visit. The planting was done by Girl Scout Troop 306. The young ladies were working on their “Local Lore” badge in conjunction with their community service project. They began their day with a tour of the historic 1795 Stroud Mansion followed by a walking tour of downtown Stroudsburg.

I am so glad the Education Committee has taken my advice and now dresses in period costumes for student tours. Where could they find a better expert than I? I still have vivid memories of Daniel Stroud’s family and servants. Of course I recall the cook in particular - I spent a lot of time in the kitchen! Recently our tour volunteers welcomed groups from the Montessori School and Stroudsburg High School. Both groups were delightful. The high school group were English as Second Language students and were very interested in learning about the history of their new community. I like to listen to the students’ questions about items in the Mansion. The children are very good at making connections from the past to the present. I must say I am learning a lot about the 21st Century.