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Thursday, May 16
Michael Muth
“The Lafayette Escadrille: American volunteer pilots flying for France in WWI”
Muth will discuss aviation in World War I, with an emphasis on the Lafayette Escadrille, a group composed of American pilots who flew for France before the United States entered the Great War.

One of the pilots was from Honesdale in Wayne County, Pa. Muth will have models of the airplanes flown by the Escadrille and the Germans on display.

 The U.S. World War One Centennial Commission — About the Lafayette Escadrille

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Thursday, June 20
Dr. Jonathan Burns
“Archaeological Testing at the Stroud Mansion — Phase I”
Producing more 2,000 artifacts from just eight test pits, recent archaeological testing at the Stroud Mansion revealed material traces from the Early Archaic Period (ca. 9000 B.P), Colonial Era Fort Hamilton (1756), and the construction and occupation of Stroud Mansion (1795 to ca. 1900).

This program by Dr. Jonathan Burns of Juniata College will highlight items uncovered during the Phase I testing and how these artifacts help tell the history of the Stroud Mansion property.

 MCHA receives grant for archaeology dig

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Thursday, July 18
John Leyton
“History of the Stites Tunnel Bridge on Route 191”
John Layton will share the history of the unique tunnel bridge located on Route 191 in Paradise Township, currently under construction.

The tunnel-bridge has also been known as the Stites Tunnel Bridge and the Spragueville High Bridge. The original 1911 construction of the tunnel bridge will be discussed as well as stories about railroad activity.

Mr. Layton is vice president of the Paradise Historical Society in Paradise Township.

 Stites Tunnel project will impact thousands of drivers

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Thursday, September 19
Dr. Anthony Stevens-Arroyo
“The Historical Formation of the Latino Community in the Poconos”
Since its founding in the 19th century, Monroe County has grown by the arrival of successive waves of new residents who have become essential parts of the county’s economic process, participants in social interactions, and contributors to the rich mixture of cultural expressions.

In the 21st century, persons either born in or deriving heritage from Latin America represent the largest group of diverse ethnic and racial heritage. In his presentation, Dr. Stevens-Arroyo will share the history of Latinos in the community.

Items of interest such as event programs, family photographs, and newspaper reports featuring Latinos and Latins in the county will be on display.

The presentation will take place during Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated September 15 to October 15. This event is supported by the Federation of Latinos for Education about the Cultures of Hispanic America, a not-for-profit agency in the county that works for social unity.

Dr. Stevens-Arroyo is professor emeritus of Puerto Rican and Latino studies at Brooklyn College, having taught there for 26 years. He has written more than 50 scholarly articles and nine books on religions and Latin American theology.

Light culturally-appropriate refreshments will be served, along with musical accompaniment.

 Partnership will provide information, services to the Poconos' Hispanic population

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  • Thursday, October 17 - 7 pm
  • 2nd date added: Saturday, October 19 - 2 pm
John H. Abel
“The Murder of Theodore Brodhead”
Mr. Abel’s well-researched program will be a vivid account of Monroe County’s first murder and execution.

Learn about the events leading up to Theodore Brodhead’s murder in Delaware Water Gap in 1868 and the subsequent search, trial, and execution of the suspect.

Mr. Abel, who enjoys writing short stories and poems, is a member of the Monroe County Historical Association and serves as chair of the MCHA’s History Committee. He is also the coordinator of the annual History Challenge for local high school students.

He wrote a short play called “The Murder of Theodore Brodhead” that was produced at Shawnee Playhouse. In the play, an old man tells the story to a young man while both are seated in Stroudsburg's Courthouse Square during the borough's sesquicentennial celebration.

He has just finished a full-length book about the case, “The Murder of Theodore Brodhead,” which will be available for purchase (and signing) at the lecture.

 Brodhead Murder: Part I, The Crime
 Brodhead Murder: Part II, Trial & Punishment

Lecture Series

May through October • 7 p.m.
Stroud Mansion, 900 Main Street
The Monroe County Historical Association is pleased to present its 2019 Third Thursday Lecture Series.

All presentations are held the third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Stroud Mansion. (There will be no program in August).

All presentations are free, but due to limited seating reservations are required.

Call 570-421-7703 or contact us.

May 16
The Lafayette Escadrille: American volunteer pilots flying for France in WWI
June 20
Archaeological Testing at Stroud Mansion, Phase I
July 18
History of the Stites Tunnel Bridge on Route 191
September 19
The Historical Formation of the Latino Community in the Poconos
October 17
The Murder of Theodore Brodhead
Saturday, October 19 - 2 pm
The Murder of Theodore Brodhead

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED as space is limited.

Reservations: Call 570-421-7703 or contact us.
NOTE: The lectures are held on the second flood of the historic Stroud Mansion, which is NOT wheelchair accessible.