Monroe County Historical Association

Stroud Mansion Museum & Library • Stroudsburg, Pa.

Here are some things you can see and learn about at the Stroud Mansion, things that were used long ago. Can you guess what they are or what they were used for? Read the riddles for clues!

When you think you know the answer, click on the photo to see what it is and to learn more about it.

The number 1 guess
Is a garlic press.
You may think you’re bright,
But that’s not right.
Here’s a clever tease,
Give this fruit a squeeze.

On an open fire, I’m a copper pot.
Steam escapes from my holes on top.
Fill me with a native treat.
They will be roasted and good to eat.
I was used throughout in days of old.
Made famous by singer Nat King Cole.

My name has two parts not just one
So let’s try to guess it just for fun.
Learning part one is another fun game,
because I have a “proper” girl’s name.
Hang me from a beam or a chair.
I can be placed nearly anywhere.
In part two, you’ll see the light,
when flame touches wick, I’ll shine bright.

“Knick Knack Paddy Whack
Give a soldier this bland snack”
This Civil War staple was carried by
both Union and Confederate soldiers.