Monroe County Historical Association

Stroud Mansion Museum & Library • Stroudsburg, Pa.


The Monroe County Historical Association’s “Traveling Trunk” is designed for use in grades 4-9 where the history of Colonial America is taught.

The trunk includes everything a teacher needs to deliver the lessons:
  • Binder of interdisciplinary standard-based lesson plans
  • Maps and transparencies to accompany lessons
  • DVD of the 1795 Stroud Mansion Colonial kitchen
  • Set of Colonial kitched artifact photos
  • “Standing in the Light: The Captive Diary of Catharine Carey Logan,” a children’s novel. The book, set in 1763 in the Delaware Valley, uses a journal format to tell the story of a young Quaker girl taken captive by Lenape Indians, and how she comes to gain an understanding of their ways and beliefs.
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Teachers must attend a three-hour
Colonial Stroudsburg - Link to Our History workshop in order to borrow a traveling trunk for classroom use.

This hands-on workshop is content-rich and provides a variety of best practices for the integration of local history and primary sources in grades 4-9. The materials discuss Colonial life in Stroudsburg and the surrounding communities of Monroe County.

All lessons address
Pennsylvania State Academic Standards, including social studies, language arts, reading and art. Act 48 continuing education credit is given for completion of the workshop.

Workshop fee: $12

Teachers who complete the workshop may borrow a Colonial Stroudsburg Traveling Trunk for their classroom use, for a $10 fee.