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Tobyhanna Township Roadside Historical Marker Program
Marker Advocates of Tobyhanna Township

Marker Advocates of Tobyhanna Township (MATT) is a nonprofit association with a mission to preserve and share the rich history of the township, instill community pride, and create heritage tourism.

The Roadside Historical Markers of Tobyhanna Township program began in 2015 under the direction of MATT volunteers who selected and researched over 25 sites significant to Tobyhanna Township history. Within a year, the members of the committee raised almost $40,000 to cover the costs of purchasing and installing the historical markers.

By the summer of 2017, all 25 markers were erected. The markers are complemented by a website which includes maps, photos, and historical information relevant to each marker site. In addition to the website, MATT designed a driving tour map to encourage visitation to all of the historical markers. Visit their website at:

 Tobyhanna Township Roadside Historical Markers
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Dansbury Depot — 5 Kistler St., East Stroudsburg

This railroad station for the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad was built in 1864 in what has then the town of Dansbury, and it is an important landmark in Monroe County. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the building served as a popular restaurant before the structure was damaged by fire in October 2009.

Noting the building’s importance to the community, the Eastburg Community Alliance (ECA) organized the relocation, restoration, and maintenance regiment for the historic structure.

In 2010, the structure was moved to the east side of the railroad tracks by a professional building moving company. Monroe County resident Harley Fish organized the restorative work on the train station, including recreating the original stained-glass windows, the custom wood panel walls, and the patterned wood ceiling. The original floors were refinished, the window and door units were restored, and the ticket sales booth was modified into a service space for group gatherings.

Today, the Dansbury Depot serves as a museum, a community building, and headquarters for the Eastburg Community Alliance.

 Dansbury Depot
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Young & Haros, LLC – 802 Main Street, Stroudsburg

The original home at 802 Main Street, Stroudsburg, was built in 1902 by Van C. Peters, and was reported to have been constructed on an earlier house foundation.

The home was purchased in 1923 by Edwin S. and Mary N. (Johnson) Albert for their daughter Hazel, and her husband, Robert Bixler. The home has long been known as the Bixler House.

Edwin and his son-in-law, Robert, together purchased and operated the Albert-Bixler Hardware Store located at 633 Main Street, Stroudsburg. (The building was destroyed by fire in 2006.) Today, the home serves as the law offices of Young & Haros, LLC.

The structure still boasts most of the character-defining elements of its turn-of-the-century architectural styles. Its eclectic mix of Tudor and Queen Anne Victorian architectural characteristics includes classical columns, half-timbering, cement tile roof, and decorative chimney stacks. The interior boasts detailed oak wood trim, including anaglypta wainscot paneling. This is an excellent example of a home that was sensitively rehabilitated and adaptively reused for commercial space.

 Young & Harros, LLC
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Meadowbrook Farm | Hamilton Township
Owned by William and Jo Rinehart

This property, owned by William and Jo (Evans) Rinehart, is located in Hamilton Township and includes the house, barn, a number of out buildings, and a pond.

The family home dates to 1856 and was originally owned by the Mostellar family, who married into the Rinehart family. Based on the 1842 cornerstone on the property’s barn alongside Peter Mostellar’s initials (PM), he had purchased the property at least by that date

The current barn also has re-used floor joists which were timbers from an earlier log house or barn, which may indicate an earlier date to 1842. The property served as an active family farm for the Mostellar family for more than 110 years.

Bill and Jo purchased the property from Bill’s grandfather in 1976. The original section of the house structure was preserved with the family history in mind, maintaining its historic character and detail. To accommodate modern needs and required safety considerations, an addition was added to the rear of the main house for a contemporary kitchen and master suite.

The owners have protected their family and local history by exerting considerable effort in preserving this bicentennial Monroe County farmstead.


Preserve, Enhance, Promote
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Each year the Monroe County Historical Association recognizes private property owners, commercial establishments and nonprofit organizations who have restored or maintained historic structures in Monroe County by presenting its Preserve, Enhance, Promote (PEP) Awards.

Structures must be 75 years or older and must have maintained their original street view and facade: windows, doorways, trim, etc.

For structures being put to commercial or nonprofit use, applicants must include promotional material highlighting the historic nature of the building, including interior spaces open to the public. Special consideration is given to structures that have been restored within the last five years.

Five members of the Monroe County Historical Association judge the properties using a point system. Points are awarded for exterior preservation of windows, walls, trim and doorways.

For private homes, a drive-by inspection is done.

Commercial property judging includes a walk-through of public areas mentioned in the nomination forms, such as a hotel lobby, etc.

Additional points are awarded for restoration work, attractive signs, National Register status and historic promotional materials for commercial structures.

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