Pizza garden springs up at the mansion

Reporter in Residence
Monroe Mouse

Spring has sprung! I can always tell this by just peering out the attic window of the Stroud Mansion to the garden below. The gardeners are back and mulch is on the parking pad!

However, this year there is a lot more activity. Everyone appears to be in a hurry and this has caused some consternation among my friends Caleb Cricket and Sarah Spider.

“Whatever are they doing?” chirped Caleb Cricket.

“Have they lost their minds?” stammered Sarah Spider.

Not one to become excited until I do some investigation, I told them to tell me what they had seen and heard.

They are talking about pizza in the garden. “What is pizza anyway?” chimed in Sarah. There is no such plant. I must say this did sound a little strange. However, I did know what pizza is, having seen it at the appreciation luncheon for volunteers.

A little sleuthing on my part calmed my friends’ concerns. Although the garden already has a nice collection of herbs the gardeners want to make herbs more appealing to children. They called on their friend and herb expert Shirley Young to help them in this task.
Her suggestion was just what would appeal to children — an herb garden in the shape of a pizza filled with herbs found on the pizza children love. So to the satisfaction of Caleb and Sarah, the gardeners were laying out the pizza.

Herbs will be planted that will appeal to all the senses: sight, taste, touch, and smell — oregano, thyme, parsley, chives, and basil. These household herbs of Colonial times are still popular today in recipes, and the pizza garden should be a way to entice children to try them.

Don’t be surprised if the gardeners add a tomato and pepper plant!

The gardeners assured me that the adults on the MCHA garden tour on Saturday, June 16, will also be delighted with our “pizza.”

Of course, we hope many will visit the Stroud Mansion and garden again during the summer with their children and friends.