Monroe County Historical Association

Stroud Mansion Museum & Library • Stroudsburg, Pa.



An exhibit celebrating the borough’s bicentennial


Above: China from The Indian Queen hotel, once located on Main Street. The “You Are Here” exhibit features historic photos and their locations in downtown Stroudsburg.

The Monroe County Historical Association has mounted an exhibit at the Stroud Mansion in honor of Stroudsburg’s bicentennial.

While the area now known as Stroudsburg was settled by Europeans in 1730, it was not until decades later, when Jacob Stroud purchased land, that it began to emerge as a developing town.

Daniel Stroud, Jacob Stroud’s second-oldest son, was instrumental in laying out the town streets, donating land for schools and churches, and assisting his father in selling plots of land to families and businesses.

Stroudsburg officially became a borough on February 6, 1815.

At the heart of any small town is its Main Street, a series of blocks where entire families lived, worked and played, with their daily needs met within the brick and mortar of the local community.

Butchers, green grocers, bakers, confectioners, luncheonettes, diners and restaurants filled residents’ pantries and stomachs. Milliners, haberdashers, dry goods, footwear, and department stores kept their bodies clothed and their homes well furnished. Churches, theaters, newspapers and lodges provided for their spiritual and social needs. And when it came time to leave Main Street, liveries, buses, taxis, trolleys, and even the undertaker could provide them with safe transport.

Images of and artifacts from these aspects of Stroudsburg’s Main Street come together on the background of an enlarged 1930s town map for this display.

From its humble start, Stroudsburg has grown to become the administrative center of Monroe County. The census report for Stroudsburg in 1840 states that 345 individuals were living within the borough limits. By 2010, the population increased to 5,567.
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We suggest visiting the Stroud Mansion
to see the “You Are Here” exhibitt
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You Are Here: 200 Years of Stroudsburg’s Main Street”
continues through December 19, 2015.