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Stroud Mansion Museum & Library • Stroudsburg, Pa.



Residential Property | “Starbird House,” Charles A. Garris, East Stroudsburg

Colonel Jacob Stroud, the founder of Stroudsburg, built this home for his daughter Hannah after she married John Starbird in 1783.

The original home was a Georgian-Federal stone farmhouse nestled in 150 acres of farmland, with part of the farm comprising what is now downtown East Stroudsburg.

The home was passed down to Hannah’s son, Franklin Starbird, and eventually the property and the acreage was divided into lots and sold.

John Smith, a farmer from Shawnee-on-Delaware, bought the farmhouse lot in the 1860s, and his family lived there for almost 100 years. Frank Smith, John’s son, had success in land surveying in Iowa, and when he retuned home in the 1890s, he renovated the home to suit the current architecture of the time. The stone exterior was covered with plaster, dormer windows were added to the roof line, and a “grand” entryway added to bring the home into the Victorian era.

The carriage house behind the main home was mostly untouched during the Victorian renovations. Today it maintains much of the older construction, and has been
converted into a separate private home.

Publicly Funded Property | Mount Pocono Borough Municipal Building, Mount Pocono

This brick Greek Revival structure, located in the heart of Mount Pocono Borough, was completed in 1899. The side addition was constructed in 1914.

The building originally functioned as the Mount Pocono School with classrooms on the first and second floors and the cafeteria in the basement. During the 1960s, one of the second floor classrooms served as the Pocono Mountain Public Library.

In 1961, the building was purchased from the school district by the borough for $1, and now is home of the Borough of Mount Pocono offices and meeting rooms.

Interior renovations were made between 1994-1995 for fire code reasons, but the norough was able to maintain the original layout of the exterior windows, replace the copper
downspouts, save the original bannisters and the original classroom cupboards and pull-locks, and display original classroom desks on the second floor landing.

Historical photos line the second floor hallways and a brass plaque documents the structure’s history in the entryway.

Borough of Mount Pocono

Commercial Property | Castle Inn, Delaware Water Gap

Completed in 1909, the Castle Inn’s rich history includes operating as one of the last great hotels in Delaware Water Gap for four decades.

The building served as the headquarters of Waring Enterprises Inc. into the 2000s, and now is open to the public featuring distinctive shops and office spaces. The historic Castle Inn is once again a destination for both locals of and tourists to the area.

The original buildings of the Castle Inn property included the main building, a dining hall, a kitchen, and a powerhouse. The current owners, Theresa Veltri and Frank Paccione, have done extensive repairs to the main building, including restoring the original terrazzo and tile floors, repairing the original windows and slate roof, and restoring the exterior of the building to its former glory.

The owners are continuing to work on the main building, and have also done extensive work on the dining hall and kitchen, which they plan to open as a banquet hall.

Castle Inn