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Stroud Mansion Museum & Library • Stroudsburg, Pa.


Residential Property | Sarah Stroud House

This stone home was built in 1790 by Jacob Stroud, the founder of Stroudsburg. He built the house as a wedding present for his fourth child, Sarah. She lived in the home until her death in 1853.

The property was then owned by the Kautz family for 100 years, and was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. F. Patterson in the 1950s. In the 1980s, the home was bought by Charles Cahn, and then by Howard Klein in 2001. John and Norma Fetherman gained ownership in 2005, and since then have worked to restore the home to its original state.

The Fethermans have repaired and restored the windows, the shutters, the side doors, the entire front entrance, and much more. They refer to restoring the exterior and interior of the home as a “labor of love.”

Parkside Chapel
Non-Profit Organization | Parkside Chapel, Henryville

This stone and brick structure, located in Paradise Township, was built in 1893 and offers non-denominational services for summer worshipers in an idyllic forest setting.

The Parkside Chapel originally offered a peaceful place of worship for summertime vacationers of the Parkhouse Hotel and the Henryville House. To this day, the chapel has summer services in a setting much similar to the way it was in 1893- there is still no electricity or running water.

The building boasts much of the original architecture including the walls, the ceiling, the windows, the doors, and the triptych stained glass windows.
Parkside Chapel article | August 18, 2008, Pocono Record

Brookside Manor
Commercial Property | Brookview Manor Inn, Barrett Township

The Brookview Manor is a country inn located in Barrett Township across from the Brodhead Creek

Construction on the late Victorian farmhouse began in 1911, and was completed in 1914. It was primarily used as a summer residence until 1945, when it was sold to Mrs. Harold Edwards who used the home as a guest house. In 2001, Marty and Gaile Horowitz purchased the Brookview Manor, which now operates as an inn and restaurant.

The Horowitzes have strived to maintain many original features of the house, including the painted wood clap board siding, the 1060 square foot wraparound porch, solid raised panel doors, shuttered windows, the wood flooring, and much more.

Brookview Manor Inn