Monroe County Historical Association

Stroud Mansion Museum & Library • Stroudsburg, Pa.

Monroe County Historic Preservation PEP Awards

Each year the Monroe County Historical Association recognizes private property owners, commercial establishments and non-profit organizations who have restored or maintained historic structures in Monroe County by presenting its Preserve, Enhance, Promote (PEP) Awards.

Structures must be 75 years or older and must have maintained their original street view and facade: windows, doorways, trim, etc.

For structures being put to commercial or non-profit use, applicants must include promotional material highlighting the historic nature of the building, including interior spaces open to the public. Special consideration is given to structures that have been restored within the last five years.

Five members of the Monroe County Historical Association judge the properties using a point system. Points are awarded for exterior preservation of windows, walls, trim and doorways. For private homes, a drive-by inspection is done. Commercial property judging includes a walk-through of public areas mentioned in the nomination forms, such as a hotel lobby, etc.  Additional points are awarded for restoration work, attractive signs, National Register status and historic promotional materials for commercial structures.

All property owners nominated shall agree to have their names and properties published in the MCHA newsletter
The Fanlight and by any news agency covering the award program.

2016 Preservation Award winners will be recognized at the Monroe County Historical Association’s Annual Meeting and Luncheon on Sunday, February 28, 2016 at Shawnee Inn and Resort.